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Sobering Iraq Flight for U.S. Representative
by Steve Jordahl, correspondent

A congressman reflects on his emotional journey to the war zone.

Rep. Bob Inglis went to Iraq with a congressional delegation in February to get a feel for the war and a firsthand glimpse at the birth of a new government. He came back with a lasting impression of the valor and sacrifice evidenced by our young men and women under fire every day.

It was on his way out of the country the South Carolina Republican’s world was shaken.

"One of our escorts came up the stairs and into the cockpit,” he said, “and leaned in to tell us, ‘I think you should know that we’re carrying bodies back here.’ "

Inglis’ reaction was "to pray. And to pray for the ones that they would be greeted by at home."

When the plane arrived in Kuwait City, the Americans refused to exit until the dead had been removed and honored.

Inglis said the experience brought home the tremendous cost borne by those who defend our nation.

“(It) really did make the whole conflict very real,” he said, “and the sacrifice very real for the Americans that have given their lives.”

Attorney Jim Shaw read the narrative on Rep. Inglis’ Web site.

"It was very meaningful to me," Shaw said, "knowing that I have a son over there."

He said the heroics and self-sacrifice his son sees daily in Iraq are seldom reported in the American media.

"The good things that are going on over there, unfortunately," he said, "are not getting back because they don’t involve explosions and people being hurt."

Politicized public schools have forfeited their right to exist
By David Gelernter

Today’s public schools have forfeited their right to exist. Let’s get rid of them. Let’s do it carefully and humanely, but let’s do it. Let’s offer every child a choice of private schools instead. Read article

Desert flowers near Bakersfield, California (from webby.com humor newsletter.)
From OpinionJournal.Com
Great Moments in Public Education

New York’s Daily News reports that "a stunning 81% of the city’s eighth-graders flunked the state’s basic social studies exam last year–and the scores have gone down annually since the test debuted in 2001":

The failure rate for eighth-graders on a test that measures students’ knowledge of basic history and government has climbed steadily from 62% in the 2001-02 school year, to 76% in 2002-03 and 81% in 2003-04.

Top educrats who testified offered conflicting reasons for the drop in scores.

Elise Abegg, the department’s social studies czar, said some schools were spending too much time teaching students how to read and do math out of fear that they would be labeled a “failing school” under the federal No Child Left Behind law.

But J.C. Brizard, the department’s executive director for high schools, said the real problem was that the 60-question standardized test requires that students be able to read and understand the questions–something he said many cannot do.

"They have trouble comprehending what they are reading," Brizard said.

We seem to remember that we began learning to read before we set foot in kindergarten. Maybe we were precocious, but if New York’s government schools can’t teach kids to read by the time they’re in eighth grade, what exactly are we getting for our taxes?

Prayer Request:

  • For our Kenya team as we prepares for our short-term missionary trip in June. For health, financial, spiritual issues as well as team building.
  • For our arm forces, especially with the problems caused by the Newsweek article.
  • Does your church have missionaries that they support? Do you know how important it is to pray for them, especially for spiritual health and strenth? Please take a moment and pray for those missionaries by name.
  • Margi and Larry, who have significant issues of health, and for their family during this trial. Margi is undergoing chemo again and Larry faces an operation on his hernia which will require several weeks of recovery. There is also an issue of stomach cancer with this operation(long term)
  • Tim and Debby, as Tim continues to struggle with his recovery, and for their family during this time of crisis. Tim is home but will be seeing a cancer specialist this week (long term)
  • Danny, a young man who recently made Eagle scout has stage one melanoma. Please keep him in prayer while he undergoes medical treatment (chemo/radiation). Danny went through his last chemo and now it is a matter of seeing if the cancer is gone. Also, please keep his family in prayer! (long term)

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