For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength. 1 Corinthians 1:25

Dangerous Religion
George W. Bush's theology of empire.
by Jim Wallis (SojournersMagazine October 2003)

Religion is the most dangerous energy source known to humankind. The moment a person (or government or religion or organization) is convinced that God is either ordering or sanctioning a cause or project, anything goes. The history, worldwide, of religion-fueled hate, killing, and oppression is staggering. -Eugene Peterson (from the introduction to the book of Amos in the Bible paraphrase The Message)

"The military victory in Iraq seems to have confirmed a new world order," Joseph Nye, dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, wrote recently in The Washington Post. "Not since Rome has one nation loomed so large above the others. Indeed, the word ’empire’ has come out of the closet." …read…

MORE: Confessing Christ in a World of Violence

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BLOG: Aslan on the Move
Missionary: Visit the Deals
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I can only Imagine

Window Tip: View your System Properties by holding down the Windows key and hit the Pause/Break key. After a few seconds (depending on your system), the Windows Property box will open and will show you all you need to know, even which version of Service Patches that have been installed.

Question: When reading Jewish writings, such as those in the Jewish World Review, what does “ym”s” mean (as in “.Hitler, ym”s”)?
Answer: It’s a Hebrew abbreviation for a curse reserved only for the most evil of men.

Prayer Request:

  • Margi and Larry, who have significant issues of health, and for their family during this trial. (long term)
  • Tim and Debby, as Tim continues to improve and recover, and prayer for their family during this time of illness. (long term)

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