Brief History of the current Nation of Israel

The British, who conquered the region (not the country – but the region) of Palestine in World War I promised to recreate a Jewish state there. It was an ideal piece of real estate – neglected, largely uninhabited and the historical homeland of the Jews who had been massacred by the Roman Empire and dispersed throughout the world many centuries earlier.

Nevertheless, despite enormous persecution throughout those centuries – persecution by Rome, by Christians and lastly by Muslims – a significant remnant of Jews stayed in their Holy Land. Before the British won their military victory in the Middle East, Jews represented the majority of the population of Jerusalem and other cities in the region.

In fact, right up until 1947 when Israel was re-created as a Jewish state by a vote of the United Nations, the term "Palestinians" was synonymous with "Jews." Today the term has been co-opted by Yasser Arafat’s terrorists and propagandists who suggest Palestine was an Arab country.

There has never been an Arab country known as Palestine in the history of the world.
The overwhelming number of Arabs in this territory today have come from other Arab countries for very good and understandable reasons – jobs, economic opportunity, freedom that they have never known in their homelands.

The British did not throw any Arabs out of their homes. The U.N. did not throw any Arabs out of their homes. The Israelis did not throw any Arabs out of their homes. Some left the region in 1948 at the urging of Arab leaders who declared a war on Israel the day it was reborn.

Why did they declare war? Because they didn’t want any Jewish state in the region. The U.N. had voted to create two nations – one Arab and one Jewish in the region of Palestine, but that was not acceptable to the Arabs.

It is still not acceptable to the vast majority of Arabs today. They want it all – and nothing less than the destruction of the Jewish state will satisfy them.


~ by thoughtcrime2 on November 2, 2005.

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