USS Reagan and the Cross

A friend showed me this picture, and was just a little disappointed that I did not immediately see the cross, me being a Christian and all. I think that when we are in any kind of thoughtful state, on a bus, plane, train, car (hopefully as a passenger) or just about anywhere, and we LOOK, we would see crosses everywhere. Manmade certainly, purposely, such as a storefront church, not so purposely, such as the sidewalk, or a road crossing, and abstractly, in clouds, or through fabric that is momentary hiding the sun. I am not qualified to make decisions on some of the signs that people are claiming these incidences can be. God uses them to talk to individuals certainly, but I do not see provision in the Bible that would indicate that we are on the right track, as a people, concerning some of the decisions our government has made, and we know this because a cross appears above a warship and through a flag that is being flown over the site of the World Trade Center. This is not good theology, and we need to teach those whom would disagree. Embrace the Cross, carry it, die to it, see it everywhere. Let it do the talking, but do not make it more than what Christ would have it be.


~ by thoughtcrime2 on February 9, 2006.

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