Crazy Culture!

This was part of an email I got this morning from a missionary friend in Japan…

I had trash police duty in my neighborhood last week. What does this mean? Well, a lot actually. At 6:30am on a Monday morning I had to sit at the trash collection building and take notes about people bringing their trash. Usually, your supposed to look in everyone’s trash and mark them down if they do something wrong (don’t put their name on the bag, put plastic in with paper, etc.). Fortunately, my day fell on food day (every day is a different kind of trash); you don’t have to look at food trash. It was one of the weirdest things I have ever done. Yoko told me not to drink my coffee while I waited because people would think I was lazy! People got to see me helping in our community which was very important. “.become all things to all people.” I believe is how Paul put it; I guess that includes becoming trash police too.

He also sent me (or us, on his mailing list) photos of their brand new hi-tech toilet.


~ by thoughtcrime2 on August 31, 2006.

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