Review: Unseen by T. L. Hines

Unseen by T. L. Hines is an excellent read, and kept me in its pages for a short (for me) 10 days. The story is about Lucas, an orphan who has a compelling need to be alone. The exception is when he works as a dish washer or when he creeps about office buildings and a store, creating hiding places where he can view selected people without their knowledge. Creepy by all means, but as you read on, you do develop a real liking for Lucas. Lucas sleeps in building tunnels or abandoned buildings, dragging with him a selection of totems, or personal items stolen from those who he monitors.

The pace in this book is swift, with few slow parts. Lucas is dragged into an investigation, blackmailed by a government employee to spy on others who like Lucas practice creeping, but with the intent on spying on individuals in their own homes, using various methods while recording their victims at their worst. These tapes are shown at club meetings, becoming entertainment for other members as well as an exercise in peer review by the members in the club.

The story-line makes the actions of these individuals seem so easy, but I am glad it is not so. I know false ceilings are highly unlikely to hold the weight of an individual, regardless how light they are. Cameras abound, in offices, street corners and it is highly unlikely a person can come and go without attracting attention. Still Hines is correct, that we can move about unseen by those around us be acting like we belong, and despite the shortcomings with some of the plot devices, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have never read a T. L. Hines book before Unseen, but I will visit my local bookstore soon to find another!


~ by thoughtcrime2 on January 2, 2009.

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