From Tabletalk Magazine: The Resolution Solution

by Gene Edward Veith

Gene Veith issues this warning: But even conservative Christians can sometimes fall into the trap of paying too much attention to themselves. "Am I really saved?" we can sometimes wonder, looking at our inner lives and hidden sins and finding all too little evidence of our holiness.

We have to admit that our own resolutions to improve our lives, however well-intentioned and sincerely meant, often have little effect. We cannot even keep our resolutions to lose weight or work out at the gym, much less eliminate our sins of lust and cruelty.

Surely Edwards would agree with Martin Luther, who, in his spiritual counseling, would urge tormented souls to stop looking at themselves. Instead, they should look outside themselves to Christ on the cross.

Salvation, both would insist, is extra nos (outside ourselves), founded on the unshakable grace of God and on the objective work of Christ. When we look inside ourselves we see our sin and our weakness, leading us only to despair. But when we look outside ourselves to the promises in God’s Word, we can find joy, confidence, and assurance.

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~ by thoughtcrime2 on January 5, 2009.

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