Review: Faces In The Fire – By T.L. Hines

This was my second T.L. Hines book and when it’s chapters are randomly numbered, than you know you are in for a ride. This time we are looking at four people, each person different, each facing their own demons and each if even for a few minutes overlaps the life of the next. With chapters jumping all over the place, we get to know the four characters, Kurt, the trucker and artist, who hears the energy left by ghosts in clothing. He tries to runs away from one ‘ghost’ but in that runs into Corrine, a spammer extraordinaire and dying of Cancer. Later we meet Grace who tattooed Corrine and finally (but firstly) there is Stan who’s bare touch was enough to kill, except Grace doesn’t die from his touch.

For a plot, I was not too sure. The stories did tie in together, and the ending, which was really a beginning for one of the characters was a good twist, but there were elements throughout the story like the catfish, or the tattooing ink that were part of the story but their origin and the agency behind them were never brought out into the light. Only the mysterious string of numbers passing through each one’s hands, an answer to a problem for Stan, Corrine, Grace and Kurt . I was also distracted by the random chapter numbering, trying hard to figure out where they played into the story. The four stories were of themselves interesting to read, each had a problem, each found their answer in a string of numbers pass to them from one of the other characters, and the ending had a great twist. Hines left a few loose strings, which I could overlook, and if you can overlook them, then this book is a good read.

~ by thoughtcrime2 on November 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Review: Faces In The Fire – By T.L. Hines”

  1. Hi, I just finished reviewing Faces in the Fire also. And I think your review was right on the spot. It is a very confusing book to read, but I noticed I couldn’t put it down, until it was done. Feel free to check out my review at:

    • Thanks. I thought I did a mediocre job on the review. The other book I reviewed by TL Hines didn’t have a Christian message, so I did not expect one from this book. Since you are married (I looked at your blog) I recommend reviewing “The Language Of Love and Respect”. Have a great thanksgiving.

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