Subject: Re: God’s eMail address

Subject: Re: God’s e mail address
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 1994 13:49:46 0700

> Is God on the internet? If so, what’s his e mail address? If not, what
> would it be?

No, He’s not on the Internet. There’s not enough bandwidth on the Internet to handle the traffic. : ) Remember, the Internet has maybe 40 million users, but God has something over 5 billion clients, so, even though He has a fully implemented client server operation in service, it does not conform to TCP/IP protocols. In fact, there is a direct wireless connection in place, which is actually even easier to operate than MOSAIC. Many people have attempted to define the parameters of the protocol used, but every time people think they understand the limits of what it can do, they discover that it can go beyond those limits. The bandwidth alone is simply astonishing, since no matter how much traffic is being carried, there is no measurable difference in response time from the Server. In fact, the Server seems to be incredibly flexible in its parsing: for example, “Lord”, “God”, “Father”, “Jesus”, “Heavenly Father”, and a variety of other addresses all seem to be accepted as valid. Astonishingly enough, the addressing syntax for the sender is also amazingly flexible. Simply saying, “This is me” somehow unambiguously defines every client, so there is never any confusion about incoming mail. Obviously, a great deal of work has been put into the messaging protocol involved, for so much power to be implemented in a system which is so transparent to the user. In fact, I’ve been told that 4 year old children can use the protocol flawlessly with very little training. It would be nice if the Internet could implement these protocols, but it seems to be an impossible dream. Aside from the bandwidth and accessibility issues, I’m told that the Server has more processing power than any computer could possibly contain, even if it was the size of the entire Universe….

Greg Slade: Computer Aided Ministry Society



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