Review: Rooms by James L Rubart

There have unfortunately been far too few books that I have picked up and then been unable to put down. One of those books was James Rubart’s Rooms. It snagged me from the beginning and I found myself doing the ‘one more chapter’ thing late into the night.

Who wouldn’t want to inherit a house or money from someone we don’t know, a distant uncle or cousin. Micah had enough wealth that the letter that notified him about the house just served as a brief interruption in his busy life. Micah is curious enough to go to Oregon to see it and to put it on the market and get back to his full schedule. Only he finds more than he anticipated. The house is processed. It is attractive to him, holding his interest and challenging him to inhale its atmosphere and facing the challenges of the rooms that appear and disappear. As he stays, his life back in Seattle also changes, parts that appear and parts that disappear. Micah, as he tries to decide what to do with the changes in his life and faces the challenges that house presents is torn between his ‘real’ life in Seattle and what life would be like in Oregon.

The book is well written and the premises are one that is not terribly cliché. Usually reading a book (or watching a movie) about a spiritually live house is one that promises horror and near bloody defeat. The possibility in Rooms is that the house is pretty benign showing or reflecting Micah choices in different ways. Micah faces a suppressed childhood memory, finding relief in ways that would make the lot of us broken people want to pilgrimage to the house for healing.

Three stars, four stars, one-hundred stars. James Rubart is truly creative, and this book will certainly show you entertaining reading and some wonderful word-smithing.


~ by thoughtcrime2 on May 28, 2010.

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